A Twice-Published Author Among Us!!!

My Mother (Ellen Sautter) and her co-author Diane Crompton are speaking at the Career Directors International Convention in San Diego TODAY- on the topic of her latest book “Finding a Job Through Social Media.”

CONGRATULATIONS, ELLEN and Diane: I am SOOO proud of you both and your book!!!!

By the way, Marian Salpeter has already reviewed and praised your book in her column yesterday on The Examiner:

In today’s world of work, social media savvy is a must—no matter your age, employment status, education level, occupation or industry. Career management consultants Diane Crompton and Ellen Sautter deliver the guidance needed to achieve this essential know-how in their recently released book Find a Job Through Social Networking, Second Edition.

Throughout this guide, Crompton and Sautter reveal how to avoid the pitfalls associated with social networking and discuss how to create and implement a plan for getting the most from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other popular sites and online tools. Specifically, they offer actionable advice for:

  • Sharing your expertise and learning from others in your field.
  • Building your credibility through online publishing and speaking.
  • Connecting with industry insiders across the country and the world.
  • Optimizing social network searches to research potential employers or clients.
  • Infusing your personal brand into all your online efforts.
  • Presenting your accomplishments in professional profiles.
  • And much more.

To read the rest of her article, click here:

New book explains power of social networking for career and job search success

Ellen Sautter has provided career transition support to tens of thousands of clients of all backgrounds including professionals and executives. She is a Senior Career Management Consultant with Right Management and has nearly 20 years experience as a career coach in the career-transition industry.

Diane Crompton brings more than 15 years experience in career-transition services, recruiting, education, and consulting. She has coached professionals at all levels from a wide range of functional and industry backgrounds and with varying career objectives, including self-employment.

Now….can I have an autographed copy, please?

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One thought on “A Twice-Published Author Among Us!!!

  1. Shawn says:

    Congratulations to Ellen on her second book! It is great that someone so current on these cutting-edge technologies is proactively collecting the burgeoning best practices and is, then, willing to pass them along to others. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

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