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Best Superbowl Commercial: Bud Light

Here was a commercial gem from the Super Bowl this year: The Most Successful Clothing Drive – Ever!

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Condense Your Love Into Six Words

High school English classes have familiarized us with the oft-cited quote, “Brevity is the soul of wit.”  But when it comes to communicating degrees of emotional intensity and experience in relationships – it can be tough to limit your words.  We can all admit to watching at least a few episodes of Donahue, Geraldo, or Jerry Springer, right? The ENTIRE premise of shows such as these is to encourage people to vent, up to 43mn (+ commercial time), on the disgruntled state of their relationships!  Anytime people probe into potentially emotional subjects (they look more like emotional minefields on those shows), brevity – not to mention wit –  is nowhere near the studio!!

So we can all agree that it’s a challenge to express your relationship in a mere six words.  What could you express about your own love/marriage/relationship in just six words? Think of it as a relationship ‘brand’ that you’re advertising. Would you emphasize…perfection, as in “pure goodness to the last drop” ? Endurance, as in “still going after all these years”? Malcontent, as in “sucks the life out of me”? Or with a hackneyed phrase, such as “always the bridesmaid, never the bride”?

This new book review, Love Boiled Down to Just Six Words, in USA Today amused me to no end with its infinite possibilities for relationship branding, using sincerity and humor! I’ve included it to encourage you, the reader, to contribute your condensed love stories in the comments area below!  And in the spirit of encouraging you to share, I’ll go first:

  • “True love doesn’t depend on drama.”

(And I’ll also share the one my husband wrote about how we first met – an unusual, but extremely memorable gift that he brought to my office: “A couch brought me true love.”)

Happy writing!!

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Beer Commercial Caps on Gender Differences

If you haven’t caught it already, this is well worth a minute of your lunch time! Here is an outrageously funny commercial by Heineken that capitalizes on the fundamental differences between the 2 sexes.

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Ever feel like you’re losing sleep hours in order to keep up with all the good online digital activity? Is your daily news and gossip checklist in excess of five pages – and growing constantly? Do you have to add more than ten new blog RSS feed subscriptions every week? Do you long for some sort of cumulative remedy that will bring you the best in communication, intelligent humor, marketing and advertising trends – so that you can get on with your life?

Well, then – let me welcome you to this blog! I am your host, Carol, and I started this blog to provide people of like communication-and-humor minds a humble, growing meta-site that will bring you the gems of the international communication, marketing and comedy environments.  As Chaucer said in The Cook’s Tale, “Many a true word is spoken in jest.” I welcome your concerns, comments (best when relevant, of course!) and assistance in building this blog into a service site for the benefit of our group subculture needs.

On a personal note, I am an International Marketing and Communications MBA. I’m passionate about marketing and communication/PR strategy and devoted to expanding multilingual, multicultural experiences in my life. I love philosophical conversations, laughter and canines – and I practice personal and professional integrity. You can find me on LinkedIn and Facebook; some older school blog entries can be found here.

So, I’ll raise my right hand and promise to present YOU with a cumulative summary of communications and comedy ‘good stuff’ – and give YOU some time back to your personal and professional lives.  Just don’t go and spend all the extra time on The Hills episodes, ok?

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