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Understanding the New Risks of Corporate Communication Leaks

Great post in Harvard Business Review from David Gordon and Sean West (“C0uld WikiLeaks Expose Your Corporate Brain?”), where they identify the real risk behind corporate communication leaks – especially pertinent to those of us in public relations and communications.  According to Gordon and West, the risk is now less likely to come from the exposure of a single, unprofessional email between executives and more likely to come from online (Wiki) ‘data dumps’ that risk business-wide exposure of company-specific strategies and processes.

This is an especially critical point for corporate clients; it’s a timely cue to extend corporate vigilance to the big picture of protecting volume data. As data mining tools and algorithms gain in sophistication — and competitors have greater economic incentive to profit from information insights,  volume and proliferation no longer offer secure cover against IT researchers and data analysts.  Profitability, competitive advantage and communication regarding strategies and activities…all are now vulnerable to exposure even in bulk data packages.

What are your thoughts? Please read the original article and feel free to share back your comments on the accuracy/inaccuracy of their assessment. You can read the original article here: http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2010/12/could_wikileaks_expose_your_co.html

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